New video edit is out!

After almost 5 months riding in Egypt this winter it was time to film another video but it needed to be a spot that was not filmed or not to crowded so it was perfect, my home spot down in Montenegro. It’s the place were I started riding and it just feels like home. Ada Bojana in Montenegro is about 10hours driving from my home town Novi Sad or an overnight train. We got into the train for a trip that was going to last a month and know we were going to have a nice time filming,riding and having fun.

This trip was something we were waiting and planing for a long time but never had the opportunity or a budget to film with some nice equipment, so with a very limited budget and a help of a friend we made it possible for everyone to se my home spot and my riding. The place is amazing and different then anything else, a lot of windy days made it possible for us to get some nice footage and do what we came for. As you can se in this edit I started concentrating on more switch tricks and landed some new ones like the switch 7. I am really happy when I can add some new tricks to my list because that’s when I feel I moving forward with my riding and progressing.

I hope you have enjoyed the video, If you want to know more or follow what we do just visit:

or find us on FB:


I want to thank my sponsors: Dakine,Blade kiteboarding, Rope clothing for helping when and how they can and making it easyer for me to travel and do what I love.


This edit was filmed with:

Canon- 550D- 600D
35mm canon
70-300 tamron
55-250 canon
50mm canon
Samyang 8mm fisheye


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